Maintenance & Repairs

If maintenance or repairs to your property are required at any time during your stay , you must notify Pacific Link immediately.

Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs outside business hours, call our office number below:

Please note that this service is reserved for major service failures such as a burst water pipe or gas leak that occurs outside normal business hours.  The inappropriate use of this service for general maintenance and repairs may result in you being charged for call out fees and services.

For emergency assistance please call Emergency Services on TRIPLE ZERO (000).

General Maintenance


Further details

There are two ways to report problems and request general maintenance or repairs: Phone and email

Contact us here:


Always report problems to Pacific Link for authorised attention

ONLY Pacific Link’s authorised contractors can carry out repairs. Pacific Link Housing provides licensed trades to ensure all maintenance and repairs are safe and completed to approved standards.

ALWAYS contact Pacific Link directly (not the contractor) to attend to maintenance or repairs unless you can pay the associated costs.  Pacific Link cannot pay for unauthorised services arranged by tenants.

ALWAYS  receive written approval from Pacific Link for your property before starting any home improvement projects. You will have to pay to fix (return to original state) any changes you make within the home without approval.

REMEMBER you are responsible for any damage to the property caused by family, friends, visitors, pets, accidents, actions or failures to protect, clean and maintain the property during your tenancy and you will have to pay the cost of fixing any damage.


General Maintenance

Further details

To report problems and request general maintenance or repairs


Service Times

We do everything we can to respond to requests for maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently. Service times are best where we own the property you’re in.

Service times can be longer if you’re in a home we lease from private owners or developers, where service requests must be reported to their real estate agents or others, who then manage the process and provision of services.

Despite the possibility of third-party delays, Pacific Link is committed to attend to:

  • Emergency repairs within 24 hours.
  • Urgent repairs within 5 days
  • General repairs in 14-28 days.

If you feel a repair is taking too long, please contact us to discuss your request.

Help Us to Help You

Please make sure you’re at home for pre-arranged appointments so contractors can arrive and do the work. Keep your animals and children away from the work area and don’t let them play with equipment.

Home Improvements and Changes

You will need approval to carry out any home improvements or make any changes to your property. All requests must be forwarded, in writing, to the Maintenance Department.  Do not commence any work until you have received written approval from Pacific Link and/or the landlord for your property.