Pacific Link Housing’s mission is to provide affordable and secure housing solutions for those in the community who are in the greatest need.

We assist tenants reach towards their goals in life and support their aspirations to study, gain employment, learn new skills or actively participate in their local community. Ultimately, we provide opportunities to help tenants sustain their tenancy and thrive, creating stronger communities that benefit everyone.

We operate within a culture of social justice, fairness, transparency and accountability to all of our stakeholders.  


Pacific Link is registered as a Tier One Community Housing Provider.

Tier One providers face the highest level of performance requirements and regulatory engagement. The tier is determined by a community housing provider’s level of assessed risk, by reference to the scale and scope of the provider’s community housing activities. The tier of registration in turn determines the performance requirements and intensity of regulatory engagement. Risk is not static and may change over time; this in turn may lead to a change in registration tier.

Tier One providers are involved in activities that mean they manage a higher level of risk based on:

  • operating at large scale, meaning any serious non-compliance has the potential to impact on a large numbers of tenants and assets
  • ongoing development activities at scale, meaning any serious non-compliance has the potential to affect the viability of the provider.

Pacific Link is also a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission


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