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How to File a Complaint

Complaints are made when you are not satisfied with the quality of service you have received. You may think we are taking too long to get something done or you are not happy with the outcome. You can complain about any part of the service you receive. We hope that most complaints can be resolved by discussing it with the staff member. However sometimes this may not be successful or you may not consider it appropriate to do so.

First, contact the office and speak to your Housing Manager or the Manager, Housing and Maintenance Services. If the problem is with a particular staff member, we will arrange a meeting for you to discuss your grievances with the staff member concerned.

You must submit a formal complaint in writing to have it formally processed.

You may bring an advocate to meetings and discussions if you wish.

To lodge a complaint​:

Appeal a Decision

  Appeals are made in response to a decision we have made which you believe are wrong or unfair. If you are a Pacific Link Housing applicant or tenant, you can appeal on our decisions. If you are unhappy about Pacific Link Housing’s decision you can appeal to the Housing Appeals committee.

 You can also download an Appeals Form where you wish to have an appealable decision reviewed.

 Further information is available by contacting the Housing Appeals Committee on Freecall: 1800 629 794, or by visiting the HAC website.

Neighbourhood Disputes

If you have a disagreement with a neighbour that you just can’t settle, it may be best to get some help. Community Justice Centres have trained mediators who can help solve problems quickly and fairly.

Anti-social or Illegal Behaviour

Pacific Link does not tolerate anti-social or illegal behaviour and appropriate steps are taken to deal with them. Tenants who feel threatened in any way should contact the police on Triple Zero (000).

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