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Education Scholarships

To assist tenants in primary, secondary or tertiary (TAFE, Uni, College) education, with finances associated with the costs of continuing education or studies.

Laptop Loans

An easy, interest free loan to assist tenants to purchase their own laptop.


Pacific Link in partnership with Central Coast Community College, provides life-skills training courses throughout the year to help kick start you career.

Learner Driver Lessons

In partnership with NRMA’s Safer Driving School we are able to support tenants seeking a driver licence with funds to pay for 10 professional driving lessons.

Sports Scholarships

Funding for young tenants aged 5 – 17 to purchase items or
services, which will help in their physical education or activities.

Excursions & events

Throughout the year Pacific Link provides opportunities for excursions and events that promote social and cultural inclusion, community engagement and celebrate milestones and holidays.

Garden Competition

Through Pacific Link’s Garden Competition, tenants can win prizes for their gardening endeavours.

Youth Engagement​

Pacific Link prioritises the input, knowledge and experiences of our young tenants. Previously we have engaged young people in a project about their experiences in Community Housing.

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