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Pay my rent

The easiest way to check and pay your rent is through the MyHome App, download it today!

Rent Payments

There are 5 ways to pay your rent:

  1. If you are on a Centrelink benefit, you can arrange for your payments to come straight from your benefits. We can provide you with the relevant form to give to Centrelink. Some tenants find this method most convenient.
  2. You can check and pay your rent and water on the MyHome app or website
  3. We can give you a deposit book and personal ID Card to deposit your rent fortnightly at the Commonwealth Bank. You can arrange to do this in person or online by setting up a Third Party Transfer. Ask us if you are thinking of doing this. You’ll need our BSB code and Account Number. Don’t forget to use your ID number.
  4. You can send us a cheque or money order from the post office for each payment.
  5. You can come in and pay your rent by cheque at the office (we don’t accept cash)

You can access the MyHome tenant portal any time, here or on your mobile device

OR you can contact us via phone or email, here

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