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Use the pay my rent button below to pay online.

Pay my Rent

Rent Payments

There are 6 ways to pay your rent:

1. If you are receiving Centrelink benefits, you can arrange for your regular deduction of rent to be paid direct to Pacific Link Housing from your Centrelink payment using ‘Centrepay’ which is a free bill paying service.

This can be done online using your Centrelink online account through myGov using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app on your mobile device.  When setting up you will need to use the Pacific Link Housing CRN number: 555 012 069A and your Reference Number:  Your Tenant ID must be included.
If you do not have access to myGov you can contact Pacific Link Housing and request to complete and sign a ‘Centrelink Deduction and Confirmation Services’ form so we can organise your rent payments to be deducted or ongoing adjustments from your Centrelink benefits via Centrepay.

2. You can pay your rent via thepay my rent’ link on our website. Enter your Tenant ID as the Reference.

3. We can supply you with a ‘ATM Deposit Code’ card which can be used at the Commonwealth bank ATM machine.  This card can be scanned at a CommBank instant deposit ATM to begin depositing cash or cheques.  When this card is touched over the ATM it brings up your ATM Deposit Code to pay Pacific Link Housing.

4. ‘Direct Deposit’ can be done in person at Commonwealth Bank branch or transfer can be made on your mobile banking app as a transfer using Bank details which are:  Commonwealth  Bank,  BSB:  062 544, Account Number:  10232330, Reference Number:  Your Tenant ID must be included.

5. You can send us a cheque or money order from the Post Office for each payment.

6. You can come in to office and pay your rent by cheque or money order at the office (we do not accept cash).

You can pay your rent via the button here. You will need your Tenant ID to put into the reference field

OR you can contact us via phone or email, here