Moving in & Out



Starting a Tenancy Policy

  1. Once you have been approved and notified of a property allocation through the Housing Pathways system your Pacific Link Housing Manager will be in contact to confirm the details of your new home and give you a move-in date.
  2. Before your lease signing meeting you need to provide your Housing Manager with:
    • All household members’ income details (Centrelink income statement or recent pay slips from employer/s)
    • Details (names & dates of birth) for all the people who will be living with you
    • Bond money – either 4 weeks subsidised rent or $600 – whichever is greatest
    • Two (2) weeks rent at the rebated amount
  3. Sign the lease for your home
    • Read your lease carefully before you sign. The lease is a legal document and you need to know what you are signing. A housing manager will answer any questions and help you understand the lease before you sign it.
    • Your lease sets out rights and responsibilities that must be met by you and by Pacific Link. New leases are usually for a period of 3 months, and most can be extended if all responsibilities are met. You’ll receive a copy of the lease for your records.
  4. You’ll be given a set of keys when you sign your lease. We will also keep a set for your address. It is important that you don’t change the locks. Any broken locks should be reported to us and we will arrange a locksmith. If you change or break the locks you will be charged for any replacement.
  5. Once you sign your lease you will be given a Welcome Kit with handbooks, factsheets and other materials to assist you in sustaining your tenancy.
  6. A report on the condition of the property will be given to you when you sign the lease. One copy is kept at the office and two are given to you. You need to examine the property and answer the questions before returning one copy of the completed report to the office within 7 days.
    • The report covers a list of items and gives their condition. Look carefully at what the report says for each item on the list and write Y for yes (if you agree) or N for no (if you disagree). If you need help, a housing manager can verbally guide you through the process.
    • You must report any outstanding or necessary repairs that don’t appear on the condition report and ask for them to be attended to. You will be asked to sign off at the bottom of each page, and will receive a copy for your records.
  7. Return your Property Condition Report within 7 days



End of Tenancy Policy

  1. You must give notice in writing. In your notice letter or email you must include the address of the property, the noticer period you are providing and the date you intend to move out. This letter must be signed and dated by you (the main tenant). You are required to give:
    • 14 days notice if your lease is for a fixed term
    • 21 days (at least) if the fixed term you agreed has already passed

  2. During your notice period, you will need to sort out any rental arrears that may exist.
  3. Pacific Link will conduct a final inspection of the property after you move out, to check the condition of the property. We will use original condition report as a guide.
  4. After the final inspection is completed, Pacific Link will let you know if we are going to claim any of the bond money to correct issues with the property.
  5. You will be asked to complete a bond release form, which will be forwarded immediately to the Rental Bond Board and any money owing to you after repairs will be returned.