Help us provide secure homes and build brighter futures for those most in need

At Pacific Link Housing, we offer much more than just housing security for our tenants. Our comprehensive range of support programs are designed to provide tenants with tools for self-improvement, skill development, greater independence and connection to the community.   

What your donation can mean

Your generous donation will support our tenants in addressing disadvantage, creating opportunities for growth and further developing their aspirations for the future.

  • $20 could buy a Christmas present for a child growing up in disadvantage.
  • $200 could enable a young tenant to participate in registered sport, health, exercise and wellbeing activities through our SHEW Program.
  • $1,500 could assist a student purchase essential items for their studies through our Sheila Astolfi Education Scholarship Program.
  • $20,000 could sponsor our Learner Driver Program for a year to help build the confidence and independence of tenants who are learning to drive.
  • $100,000 could allow us to install solar panels on 20 properties that house low to very low income earners, to both benefit the environment and ease the financial burden of electricity costs for those tenancies.
  • $400,000 could pay for a two bedroom apartment in one of our developments currently under construction.

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How to donate

Help us to provide secure homes and build brighter futures for those most in need.

All donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible. To donate, please visit or contact us on 4324 7617