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It was supposed to be spring, but it was a cold and drizzly day in October. Lucky for us all we had planned for rain and brought a marquee to the Welcome To Copnor Avenue event!

One of our newest developments, on the Entrance, had been fully tenanted and to welcome the residents and celebrate their new homes – we threw them a BBQ.

The sounds of the golden oldies were in the air, with musician Wayne Leffler taking requests all afternoon, some tenants even singing along. Our maintenance team was on the BBQ, the standard (and delicious) sausage sangas, but then came tenant Joan Mendiola with Filipino lumpia and curry puffs to die for! A big thanks to Joan for her surprise catering, everyone especially some of us greedy guts staff were so impressed! Tenants took the time to discuss the development and their new homes with us, expressing their gratitude and helping us with maintenance support.

Congratulations and welcome to all the tenants of Copnor Avenue, and thank you for celebrating with us this year.

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