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[Central Coast Community College Business Development Manager, Stephen King & Students]

In 2017, Pacific Link established a collaborative partnership with Central Coast Community College to provide tenants with nationally accredited training programs that meet the needs of the local community. Each course is provided free for all eligible students under a NSW Government program.

Many of Pacific Link’s tenants have expressed a lack of confidence around their ability to learn and to engage with further education, often having poor or even traumatic experiences in previous schooling. This, in combination with lack of knowledge about funded training options, little to no family support and a multitude of complex needs means that many tenants would not otherwise engage with training of any kind.

We have worked with the Central Coast Community College to develop a range of 6-8-week taster courses that meet the needs and wants of our tenants. These courses provide a ‘soft entry’ for tenants to re-engage in education. Each course is selected through a process of both tenant consultation and market analysis. Initially we research and analyse market conditions relating to job availability, skill shortages and industry size and growth.

To date we have run 4 courses with a total of 28 students, and a 32% successful transition to further tertiary education, following tenant engagement with this program.

These partnerships are part of our innovative approach towards creating sustainable solutions to provide opportunities for our tenants and achieve the best positive outcomes within the affordable housing sector.

If you would like to partner with Pacific Link Housing, please contact us here :

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