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Pacific Link Housing works to provide and further develop appropriate housing solutions for those in the community who are in the greatest need. The company operates within a culture of social justice, fairness and transparency and remains accountable to all stakeholders.

Pacific Link Housing is committed to the use of independent regional research to develop sector-leading policies and award-winning tenant support programs.

We work with government to develop housing solutions that are innovative, focused and financially responsible. We also develop and directly invest in government-initiated projects and new housing solutions in our region.

We offer tenants a range of award winning support programs to help those who are able regain their independence and return to private housing.


Pacific Link is registered as a Tier 1 Community Housing Providers, Tier 1 providers face the highest level of performance requirements and regulatory engagement.

 The registration tier is determined by a community housing provider’s level of assessed risk, by reference to the scale and scope of the provider’s community housing activities. The tier of registration in turn determines the performance requirements and intensity of regulatory engagement. Risk is not static and may change over time; this in turn may lead to a change in registration tier.

Tier 1 providers are involved in activities that mean they manage a higher level of risk based on:

  • operating at large scale, meaning any serious non-compliance has the potential to impact on a large numbers of tenants and assets
  • ongoing development activities at scale, meaning any serious non-compliance has the potential to affect the viability of the provider.

Pacific Link is also a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission



Research commissioned by Pacific Link shows that:

  • The Central Coast has 39% per cent fewer homes set aside for community and social housing than the average for NSW.
  • Average waiting times for all forms of community and social housing on the Central Coast now extend beyond 10 years, and are similar in the Hunter.
  • Rapid population growth now forecast for both the Central Coast and Hunter will place significant additional pressure on existing resources.
  • The region will need 6,000 additional homes set aside for community and social housing over the next 20 years to maintain the current supply ratio
  • This breaks down to 300 additional homes each year.
  • An even larger number will be needed to provide affordable rentals for people on low to moderate incomes who do not qualify for assisted housing.
  • The current community and social housing supply rate is well below that required to meet regional needs.



Our regional research and that of many others, indicates that increasing home prices and rising rents now make it difficult for millions of Australians on low or moderate incomes to own, or rent a place they can call ‘home’. People on benefits and minimum wage earners like health care workers, child care workers, retail and hospitality workers now find it near impossible to find affordable rental properties in our region. There are also a growing number of elderly people in danger of homelessness.


Most housing applicants now request 1 or 2-bedroom homes. Household occupation has fallen to an average 2.2 people across our region. Housing models – private and public – are changing to reflect this, with more apartments, studio apartments, granny flats and multiple dwelling subdivisions that are smaller and more affordable now being offered.


Pacific Link Housing is committed to planning and developing housing and housing models that are efficient, responsive and affordable for those in need. Using regional research to inform decision making, we work with government and others to:

  • Develop and invest in appropriate solutions
  • Collaborate with Government
  • Liaise with local authorities
  • Build, deliver and maintain properties
  • Provide long-term tenant management and tenant support programs as required.

Focusing on the need for smaller, more affordable homes, we aim to make best use of existing, underutilised sites in the same way private developers and homeowners do to increase housing density.


With average occupancy rates for all homes across the Central Cast and Lower Hunter now at 2.2 people per home, many older community and social housing properties which feature a single home on a large suburban block are now underutilised.

In a benchmark Gosford project, Housing NSW has recently redeveloped two adjoining properties, each of which formerly provided a single home.  An outstanding project by Housing NSW, it now provides 18 homes in a brand new, townhouse style development for tenants seeking smaller units – a number of which are pre-constructed to function as disabled-living units if required.

Pacific Link has management of the new site, which provides high quality housing in keeping with other developments sharing the local streetscape.


Pacific Link Housing has developed and presented an innovative plan to increase supply – at no additional cost to government – by adding secondary dwellings or ‘granny flats’ to half the properties in a group already owned by the NSW Government.

Detailed costings show that Pacific Link Housing will be able to add 100 secondary dwellings in return for the right to manage 200 properties for 30 years. The additional properties will be developed by Pacific Link in the first three years and be fully paid for by Pacific Link in 10 years.

Under the proposal, the State Government would retain ownership of the 200 original properties and the additional 100 secondary dwellings built by Pacific Link – adding to the value of the Government’s housing assets.

If accepted, the ‘2 + 1’ plan –  as it’s known – could be rolled out in other regions to increase housing supply and the value of the NSW Government’s housing assets at no cost to the State’s public purse.


In May 2014 Pacific Link entered into a partnership agreement with Sydney-based not-for-profit, Evolve Housing, to share skills and opportunities across our combined regions.

The joint venture resulted in the construction of 87 studio apartments for social, affordable and community housing in the Western Sydney, the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie regions.


Pacific Link Housing is developing four units to meet the needs of disabled and elderly residents in the Cessnock area. The units are located in residential area of existing multiple dwellings. They are due for completion this year.


Pacific Link welcomes enquiries from home-owners, developers and land holders with an interest in developing or leasing properties for affordable, community or social housing.  A third of the properties currently leased by Pacific Link are from private owners and developers. Please contact Pacific Link to register your interest.

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