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We can’t believe it, but it has been 15 years since Lynn started working for Pacific Link Housing.

Our very own passionate Scotswoman has brought light, dedication and a whole lot of laughter to these offices over the years. She’s worn many hats in her time; housing manager, tenant outcomes, and of course administration.

How would our office run without Lynn? She kicks us all into shape, and makes sure everything is as it should be. And that passion! Let me tell you, there is no one who takes more pleasure in seeing our tenants have a great time and succeed.

We asked the staff about what came to mind when they thought of Lynn and they said: “happiness, love, caring, funny” and everyone agreed on one particular word “mum”

She is the office mum we all need, and are glad to have.

Thank you for your 15 years of service Lynn, and we look forward to many more!

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