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Laptop Loans

Pacific Link’s Laptop program has been developed to help tenants (that meet eligibility requirements) to purchase laptop computers, through a no-interest loan prograsm.

The Laptop Loan Program provides tenants with brand new, state-of-the-art laptop computers at a cost of approx. $499, available on loan agreements for a minimum of $20 per fortnight.

Who is eligible for a laptop loan?

All Pacific Link Housing tenants who;

  • Have no rent arrears;
  • Are at least 2 weeks advance in rent pay-ments; and
  • Have a good record of payment and tenancy history.

How is the loan paid off?

By arrangement, a signed Agreement will be entered into with PLH.
You nominate an amount per fortnight, no less than $20.00.

To apply, please contact the Tenant Outcomes team.

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