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Housing Strategy

Pacific Link Housing has a four-part housing provision strategy based on:

Programmed Maintenance

The retention of existing housing stock is essential to maintain current assets and ensure they remain useful.  Pacific Link has programmed maintenance in place to ensure existing properties meet current building and environmental standards and are able to remain in use for years to come.

Release & Re-use

Many of those who find themselves in need of social housing are in temporary need through no fault of their own. Pacific Link believes that community and social housing should not be seen as a life-long entitlement. We provide a comprehensive range of tenant services and support programs to help those who are able to regain their independence and return to private housing. Those who do play an important part in assisting others by making their previous homes available to those newly in need – effectively adding to housing supply.

Large-scale Refurbishment

Pacific Link Housing is currently completing a major program to refurbish the 100-home Dunbar Way and Kendall estates in North Gosford, originally built in the 1960s. Pacific Link – which previously managed part of the combined sites – funded the $400,000 refurbishment program in 2015 to bring the estates up to date, and now manages the combined estates and delivery of tenant services. As part of the project to update the estates, we also:

  • Worked with the University of Western Sydney to measure quality of life outcomes for all tenants which allows this project to become a model for similar estate refurbishment projects in other regions.

New Build Projects

Pacific Link Housing re-invests funds in new housing projects through its in-house development department. This includes the purchase of land for the construction of new homes in our region.

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