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[CMobile Directors Yasmin Coleman & Peter Huxley]

Pacific Link Housing has recently joined with Cmobile in a shared value partnership to address the need for affordable mobile phone solutions for our tenants.

The shared value concept is an innovative business strategy which Pacific Link Housing is implementing to provide value to tenants, whilst helping to improve social and economic conditions in our region by supporting local businesses.

At Pacific Link Housing, we identified that many of our tenants cannot afford their mobile phone plans, with a number of them regularly running out of credit or getting into debt with plans from the big telcos.

” Cmobile is a local business who are committed to offering Australia’s most affordable mobile plans. Our partnership provides an exclusive offer for Pacific Link tenants to receive 10% off mobile plans, 50% off their first month and a free sim card with Cmobile.” said CMobile Director, Peter Huxley

This partnership allows tenants to avoid being locked into plans that get them into further debt, making more of their income available for rent and utilities and any rent arrears that they might have. It also allows them to keep in communication with family, friends and Pacific Link Housing (through our smartphone App) for our ongoing management and tenant support.

Pacific Link Housing continues to explore shared value partnerships with other community stakeholders to provide opportunities to better support our tenants and improve outcomes within the social and affordable housing sector.

If your organisation would like to partner with Pacific Link to created shared value for your business and our tenants, please contact us on 4324 7617 or

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