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Youth Engagement​


Coming Home

As part of our Youth Engagement Program, Pacific Link Housing has been working with its service partners and young tenants to better understand their view of the world and the empowerment they experience once they enter assisted housing. Six went on tell their stories in short videos to celebrate ‘coming home….’   We’ll be posting one of their insightful videos each week.


Dylan's Story

Jess's Story

Natashas's Story

Sharnie's story

Sienna’s story

Tess’s story

Health & Welfare

Pacific Link Housing is committed to the provision of assistance to tenants with medical, health and welfare needs – and will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you get the care and support services you need.

Our Client Support staff will help you access services on a confidential basis. To discuss your needs please call the Client Support team at Pacific Link on (02) 4324 7617.

For emergency assistance, please call Emergency Services on TRIPLE ZERO (000).

Education Scholarships

The Sheila Astolfi Education Scholarships established in 2010 are named for Pacific Link’s founder and Chief Executive of 20 years, Sheila Astolfi, who worked tirelessly in the local community to ensure the rights of families and equity in social housing.

The Scholarships – awarded twice each year – aim to encourage tenants and their children to reach their educational objectives and fulfil their potential. They are open to all tenants in good standing – from primary school to mature-age students.

Scholarships for Primary School to Year 10 students may include a laptop computer, Microsoft Office software package and associated equipment.

For Year 11 and above, the Scholarships may be used to purchase private tuition or coaching; text books, workbooks, study guides and stationery; specialist equipment (e.g. art, music or photographic); course costs (including materials), excursions, study camps, sport or special education. Home computer and laptops may also be provided.

To apply, please complete the Astolfi Education Scholarship Application Form.

Learner Driver Lessons

The Pacific Link Housing Learner Driver Program helps young tenants seeking a driver's licence by providing information packs and paying for 10 professional driving lessons. Our partner in the program, the NRMA’s Safer Driving School, provides a further lesson so our learners have 11 lessons in all.

Introduced two years ago, the program aims to improve the knowledge and skills of learner drivers – recognising the importance of better driving skills for improved road safety and the value of a drivers licence as an aid to mobility and employment for young people.

The program is open to Pacific Link tenants who are in good standing; between 16 and 19 years of age; are applying for or hold a current Learners Licence and are Australian citizens or permanent residents. More than 30 learners have so far been assisted by this program.

To apply, complete the Learner Driver Application Form.

Sports Scholarships

Research shows children from disadvantaged families miss out on the social and physical benefits of sport and other well-being programs because their parents can’t afford the cost of club membership, uniforms or equipment. Not only do they not take part, but one study shows they pretend they don’t want to. According to the Social Policy Research Centre and The Smith Family, children “protect themselves from the pain of missing out, and their parents from the anguish of having to say ‘no’ by pretending they have no interest in sport” and other well-being programs.

Pacific Link’s SHEW (Sports, Health, Education and Wellbeing) program provides scholarships to help meet the expenses associated with children’s sporting and cultural activities with support from our SHEW partners, Medicare Local Central Coast.

The program aims to encourage healthy growth, fitness and the formation of life-long friendships. SHEW scholarships provide up to $250 per year for eligible children between the ages of 5 and 17 from tenant families in good standing. The program covers both summer and winter sports through funding for direct costs associated with the sporting clubs’ registration, dance classes, swimming lessons, cultural arts and other activities. More than 51 families have so far been assisted.

To apply for a SHEW Scholarship and grant from Medicare Local Central Coast, complete the Pacific Link Housing SHEW Scholarship Application Form.

Laptop Loan/Purchases

Many of those who find themselves in community housing are there through no fault of their own, and Pacific Link Housing aims to help them stay in touch and ultimately rejoin the community as independent, self-reliant individuals.

To help them stay connected in a world driven by computer skills and linked by online communications, Pacific Link allows tenants in good standing to purchase laptop computers with communications software at favourable rates.

The Laptop Loan Purchase/Program provides tenants with brand new, state-of-the-art laptop computers at a cost of $499, available on loan agreements for a minimum of $20 per fortnight. More than 82 laptops have been purchased since the scheme was introduced.

To apply, please contact the Tenant Engagement Officer. 

Training for Employment

Pacific Link Housing has an agreement with training group JobQuest to provide award wage training and employment for young tenants seeking Certificate qualifications in property maintenance through work programs.

Research shows many social housing tenants have multiple barriers to employment. These barriers need to be overcome before the tenants can be successfully trained or retained as productive members of the community.

JobQuest is a social enterprise organisation based in Newcastle, which – under the agreement – will provide work in property maintenance and the possibility of a traineeship after a probationary period for eligible Pacific Link tenants.

JobQuest has been operating its ‘lawns and grounds’ social enterprise for the past three years. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) it has the authority to issue nationally recognised qualifications in a range of industries – all of which provide stepping stones towards full-time employment for tenants.

To apply to join the Pacific Link Housing/JobQuest program, please contact Pacific Link on (02) 4324 7617.

Excursions & Outings

Staying connected and engaged with the world around them is important to the welfare of tenants who may otherwise be in danger of becoming marginalised and withdrawn.

To help them and their children, Pacific Link Housing organises regular day trips to centres of interest for tenants and their children. Past destinations include the Powerhouse Museum, Reptile Park, Hunter Valley Gardens and RAAF Base Williamstown.

Most of these excursions are held in school holidays to allow children to attend.
There is no cost to attend.