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Maintenance Issues

Who is responsible for the repair?

In all situations it is the responsibility of the tenant to notify Pacific Link Housing (PLH) of any repairs and maintenance issues immediately. Damage to properties caused by failure to notify may be charged to the tenant.

Please DO NOT carry out repairs yourself unless they are so minor they are easily fixed.

Capital properties - PLH  are responsible for carrying out all repairs and maintenance.

Leasehold - The agent/owner is responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Tenant damage - Please note that tenants are responsible for the cost of all repairs resulting from malicious damage or intentional neglect. (see Tenant damage and liability in the policy manual).

How to report a repair or maintenance problem

There are many ways to let us know about maintenance problems you may discover:

Phone: Ring the Gosford office (02) 4324 7617 or Toll-Free: 1300 654 973 (tenants north of Wyong only).

Fax, post or in person:  A printable version of this form can be found here:   Maintenance Request FORM

 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The repair process

We'll contact either a contractor or the agent/owner. The contractor will be given your phone number and they will contact you for a suitable appointment time. We can make the appointment if requested.

Please note it can take longer to get repairs done if we are dealing with agents or owners. Although this can be frustrating, we are unable to intervene. A non-urgent repair or maintenance is usually carried out within 2 to 28 days.

Contact the office again if the contractor has'nt arrived within the specified time. We also appreciate you telling us if the contractor treats you with disrespect or if they fail to clean up after their work. Once repairs are complete, please sign the work order they give you.

Also, you must be home or arrange someone to be there at the specified time. If not you will be liable for charges.

Urgent Repairs

Blocked toilet, dangerous electrical faults, essential supplies such as water, gas or electricity supply, essential services such as hot water, cooking, heating or laundry.
Broken windows and non functioning external door locks.

Urgent repairs will be dealt with as a priority by any person who takes the notification of repairs required. This staff member will notify the appropriate contractor and action taken to remedy the problem within 6-24 hours of notification.

If you have an urgent plumbing or electrical repair and are unable to contact us on our mobile phones, please contact the recommended tradesmen at the bottom of the front page of your lease. You will be re-imbursed on presentation of an appropriate receipt. Please note this is only a last resort.

We also have an out of hours contact on our answering machine for urgent matters of maintenance.

Emergency remedial action

This includes fallen trees/large branches on to house, flood or water entry to living areas, cracked or removed roof tile following high winds/storm damage, fire damage to property etc.

Contact the SES for assistance.

Normal repairs and maintenance (non urgent)

The Housing Officer responsible for the property will ensure appropriate action is taken within 28 days if the property is capital stock.

The housing worker will ring the agent or owner if the property is leased, explain the problem and urge them to send a tradesperson as soon as can be arranged. You will be asked to call the office when the work is completed or within 21 days if no action is taken to remedy.

Modifications to houses

You must seek permission in writing to the Asset Manager to modify or add fixtures to the premises.

Pacific Link may ask you to remove or rectify any modification done without permission.

If modification to the allocated property is to do with your health, safety and wellbeing and the property is 'capital stock' every effort will be made to comply with the request. Examples of this include grab rails, shower seating, a rail to a set of stairs or a ramp for easier access.

If it is a 'leased' property, the agent/owner will be notified and an immediate response requested. Should the response be negative the applicant may refuse the offer with no penalty.

Please bear in mind that local councils often need to be contacted for external modifications and development applications may need to be lodged. Failure to do so may have the council asking you to remove non-compliant modifications.


It is your responsibility to keep your home free of pests and vermin. However, if you have been in your home for less than 6 weeks, the incubation time for many of these pests, Pacific Link Housing (PLH) will assist in removing pests and vermin.

Remember all reptiles and native animals are protected by law.

Download our Pest Factsheet to see if PLH will help you deal with a pest. If you need advice on how to deal with a pest contact our Head Office.